A Metta Musical Journey

Selected date

Tuesday February 4

Selected time

7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

Join guitar improvisator, Jeff LaQuatra and University of Northern Colorado anthropologist and meditation teacher, Michael Kimball, in the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery’s OtterBox Digital Dome Theater for a 360-degree “Metta Musical Journey.” Neuroscience is showing us that our idea of who we are—our “self”—is a useful construct, but one that can sometimes hinder more than help us.

Indeed, contemplative practitioners have been making this discovery for millennia. Buddhism’s 2600-year-old Karaniya Metta Sutta (teaching), for example, reveals a meditation practice aimed at dissolving the boundary between “self” and “other” to conquer fear and restore connection with the world. “A Metta Musical Journey” will feature a short talk on relations between neuroscience and metta meditation followed by a program featuring improvisational cello music, 360° imagery, and a guided metta meditation.

A reception with a wine bar and South Asian hors d’oeuvres will welcome participants following the event.